Born May 27, 1940 in Tbilisi. In 1962 graduated from Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli State Theatrical Institute, stage producers’ faculty and in 1962 from the same faculty of the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography. Gelais a film and theatre director, actor, screenwriter, and a dramatist. He is also very active as an educator, and has been teaching in Georgiaand abroad since 1969. Gela Kandelaki founded the studios Kvali and Kvali XXI, Film Art Centre “Abkhazeti”, and the Hand Shadow Theatre Budrugana (artistic director).


Short-length films (Gela Kandelaki screenwriter & director unless otherwise specified):

1. Today;

2. The Summer is over (director);

3. A Long Song;

4. Georgia’s Museum;

5. Soccer without a Ball (with D.Sikharulidze);

6. The Exhibition of Children’s Works;

7.  Vardzia;

8.  Nokalakevi (with Tengiz Modebadze);

9. Imereti.

Television plays:

1. Old Comedies;

2. Samanishvili’s Stepmother.

Feature Films:

1. Misfortune ( screenwriter and director);

2. There Once Was a Singing Blackbird (leading actor).

Full-length film documentary film:

Land 0.047% (the first film: A Village (director and co-screenwriter)

Art director & director of the films:

Animated films:

1. The  Raven;

2. Plague;

3. Babilina;

4. The Family;

5. Anticipation;

6. The Portrait;

7. Ephemera;

8. Goose Tasiko;

9. The Prisoner;

10. The Hunter;

11. Wolf’s Confession;

12. Van Gog’s Last Letter  (work is progress);

Artistic-documentary films:

1. Iakob Gogebashvili

Full-length documentary films

1. Svaneti;
2. Ms. Mariam Bagrationi’s Last Trip


Hungarian-Georgian feature films:

1. The Unknown Episode from Pirosmani’s Life (short-length film);

2. The Silly Pomegranate Tree (full-length feature film).

Educational Activity:

LecturerSh.RustaveliStateUniversityof Theatre and Cinematography andI.JavakhishviliStateUniversity(1969-present);

Film Academy,Berlin– conducted a Seminar (2009);

Summer MEDIA Studio 2010 (conducted a workshop at the International workshop for European film students).

Member of the juries at various international and regional contests.